Welcome to Simed S.a.s.

The story

Simed Sas Medical Devices was founded in 1980 in the field of high-quality technology products marketing.

Under the trade names KONTRON, CARDIOLINE, STORZ Simed Sas offers ultrasound and KONTRON echocardiograph and IREX, among the first ones available on the international market, STORZ Endoscopy systems, and a complete range of equipment such as Ecg, CARDIOLINE and Holter Monitors.

Since 1984, Simed Sas has been widening its u.s. offer under the trade names PIEMEDICAL, PHILIPS, and HONEYWELL, proposing  the first Quantum and Biosound Doppler Sonography. At the same time, Simed Sas has been broadening the range of advanced technologies with the DORNIER lithotripsy instruments and the ÉV laser LASER.

In 1992 Simed Sas started working with ESAOTE, and, more recently, with LASER TEAM beginning with the distribution of the brand-new Simply Laser.

Simed Sas is always attentive to the evolution of technology, as well as to sales and customer care, even with useful services aiming at an increasingly full cooperation with customers.